About Us: Assurance IT
At Assurance IT, we operate in the SAP market with a vision focused on our clients, partners and, especially, the professionals that work with us.
We understand that human relations are the cornerstone of the interaction between business process, organizational culture and technology.
Our professionals have vast experience in project implementation and our mission is to provide quality and efficient services that offer clients and partners a competitive edge, maximize their SAP investments and, above all, generate value.
Who are we?
Our company is based on human relations, that is, we take the relationship with people, and the trust such relationship entails, very seriously.
What do we do?
Expert in SAP solutions, Assurance IT develops special services and products to cater to the business strategies of both clients and partners.
Where are we located?
Our offices are strategically located, providing services and support for clients throughout the country.
Our competencies
Solution Research and Development 100%
Training 100%
Knowledge 100%
Integration 100%
What sets Assurance IT apart?
  • An entire team with experience in the implementation of complex SAP projects.
  • Support service aimed at generating value to the client’s processes (business-oriented).
  • Strong Methodology and Governance.
  • Support model that meets the clients’ needs.
  • SAP professionals knowledgeable about both business processes and technical aspects.
  • Specialized services:
    • SAP Solution Manager;
    • Enviroment Compliance;
    • eSocial;
    • Joint Venture Accounting (JVA);
    • ARIS – Business Process Excellence (BPE).