Services: What We Do
Our Main Services
Specific Solutions
Assurance IT provides services that meet several business needs, from specific solutions to solutions that improve the cost-effectiveness of your daily operations.
Solution Center
Our Solution Center provides services for business operational functions and specific SAP support with multi-client shared services.
SAP Implementation
Implementation of Full SAP Projects; Implementation of SAP Roll-out Projects; Data Migration, Upgrade and Integration Projects; Process Redesign.
Allocation of Professionals
Assurance IT has a department specialized in the allocation of technical experts to companies, which usually have difficulty hiring these professionals.
Other Services
Upgrade GRC/NF-e
SAP GRC NFE was recently released by SAP to implement the requirements for an electronic billing scenario, which is specific to Brazil. We perform the upgrade to version 3.10, the most up-to-date.
BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
It features the concept of allocating resources from expert entities to perform specific tasks in order to ensure a high service level and improve the quality and productivity of administrative functions.
Product Lifecycle MG
mySAP PLM is the only e-business solution available today that allows collaborative planning, customized product development, project management, assessment and quality in several partners.
Customer Relationship MG
The mySAP CRM is the only full client-centered e-business solution. With mySAP CRM, personnel, processes and information are cohesively connected to clients through a network of value.
Supplier Relationship MG
The mySAP SRM solution enables the automation of processes from the search for suppliers to the purchase within the company and across the supply base, increasing the visibility of the production chain.
SAP Corporate Solutions
The experience of our professional team allows you to work more closely to your clients’ needs, allowing optimum communication between the concerned parties.
Enterprise Portal
The Enterprise Portal Concept is the consolidation of essential information and applications into a single view for the user, comprehending all of the company’s processes and information, boosting efficiency.
The Mobile Infrastructure solution allows access to your company’s information using the concept of mobility, that is, it employs web browsers to access information where and when needed.
BI - Business Intelligence
A bundle of concepts and methodologies that can be seen as the use of several sources of information to define the competitive strategy for a company’s business.
Transaction Manager: manages business and financial processes from commerce to transferring data to Financial Accounting. Liquidity Planner: supports the liquidity planning of the whole organization.
SAP Consultancy Services

Centralized, single-face management with the client, delivering value in solutions, consultants with experience in several implementation cycles, several industries and types (rollouts, template development, full implementation). SAP consultancy services also include:

  • Processes, business transformation and change management
  • End-to-End Implementations
  • Local and global programs
  • Business architecture
  • SAAS – Software as a service
  • Upgrades and functional and technical migrations
  • Development of web-based and mobility-based applications and strategies
  • Cloud computing
  • Project Assessment and health checks
  • Project Management and project offices
  • Setup and maintenance of SAP excellence centers
  • Development of customized solutions